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sarah crews

April 13, 2024


If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a hairstylist here in Franklin, Tn, Just south of Nashville

At 52, I have so far had an incredible career and have not managed to loose my passion for the industry I work in or the work that I do.

One of my favorite things is connecting with you in the salon when you sit in my chair. We talk about family, share stories, beauty, new restaurants and what inspires us.

In a way too, I feel like seeing what each other is wearing or carrying is super inspirational and fun because it gives us a new perspective on style that me might try on for ourselves. When we share new finds and our favorite products, it makes everyday life just a little more creative and it seems to open up possibilities and ideas I never thought of before.

This is a big reason why I still work 2 days a week behind a salon chair. I love the connection, I love seeing what others are up to and it gets me the heck out of the house and an excuse to put on makeup and real clothing. I love the energy of the salon, my clients and my co-workers so much.

Now, because I love Amazon, (just like I know most of us do) and because I am a sucker for a quick and satisfying art project, I have found that I love creating collages with pairings of some of my favorite Amazon finds or items that inspire me. I find creating these little collages weirdly therapeutic and the possibilities endless. But what to do with these when I get them created? I need a place to display them.

Fortunately, (or unfortunately, however you want to look at it) I have this little blog platform in which to share allllll my fun little creations.

So welcome to my site, my blog and hopefully eventually my chair in the salon at Studio Gaven. Share this with someone and keep coming back for more inspo. Because I am just getting started.

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