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sarah crews

June 14, 2024

The Compound Effect

You can do anything in 5 minutes time.

One of my favorite books of all time.

I have literally applied this to my life in so many ways lately.

From my daily bite-sized cleaning list to my teeny-weeny daily workout strategy, this book’s concepts have been ones that I have returned to time and time again.

You will be so inspired when you read this book. Available on Audible, Kindle or hard copy. I just want to share it with you since I know how much it has brought me out of the funk of feeling like I can’t make progress because I don’t have the discipline.

When I tell you that this book changes how you think forever, I am serious. You will feel consistently inspired, motivated and productive when you tweak your perspective in this way.

Game. Changer. 💕

XO, Sarah

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